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SAWorldVets strives to provide each individual who walks through our doors with unparalleled knowledge and experience in South African wildlife conservation medicine.

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Established in 2012, The SAWorldVets team has worked with students from various countries for the 12 years. This is a 13 day program designed to offer Veterinarians, Pre- Vets , Vetnurses and students knowledge and hands on experience in Wildlife Veterinary work in South Africa, Limpopo.

At SAWorldVets, we offer you the opportunity to expand your knowledge in wildlife medicine while assisting us at the forefront of our fight for conservation. Regardless of background or experience, we welcome all veterinarians, veterinary students, conservationists, technicians, biologists, wildlife volunteers, and any animal enthusiasts ready and willing to have a South African wildlife adventure.

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SAWorldVets headquarters is located on a 4500 acre Game Reserve in close proximity to the Greater Kruger National Park. Our mobility allows us to relocate and operate from various locations around the continent. We regularly implicate methods ranging from mass capture bomas, net bomas, baiting, in addition to active and passive chemical immobilization. SAWorldVets has extensively trained owner-operator helicopter pilots. Owning and darting from our helicopters allows for highly efficient, successful, and safe capture, which is a must when dealing with Africa’s evasive and occasionally endangered species.


Working with wildlife this can get interesting being on constant 24 hour call with patients varying from impala to elephant with injuries being anything from snare removals to fighting injuries, everything is possible in Africa.


Wildlife in SA has become a world focus, SAWorldVets provides expert advice on all aspects of wildlife management, capture, breeding or introductions. Our field experts are more than glad to help conservation in every way.


We also want our students to gain a greater understanding of conservation as a whole (and have some time to relax and enjoy a bit of South Africa’s world famous tourism), so we like to include as many of the following excursions as possible:

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