1. SAWV Signature Course

The SAWV course is our main course presented by SA WorldVets, and is most probably the one you will opt for unless you have special needs, then please enquire about other courses.

Attending our SAWV course might just be one of your best... read more

2. Wildlife Conservation Course

Our Wildlife Conservation course runs parallel to our SAWV Signature course presented by SA WorldVets, and is one of the most practical conservation courses offered to the wildlife volunteer and ... read more

3. Chemical Immobilization Course

Enquire for info.

4. Custom Course

If you feel like you want to customize your stay with us then this is your option.

Send us your request and we will se how we can help you, whether its dates, your a specialist in a certain field or want to visit different parts of SA, we will assist as best we can. read more...

SA WorldVets Wildlife Veterinary Courses

African Wildlife conservation courses

So what can you expect as a participant at SA WorldVets? With our signature course we  offer small class sizes that better ensure an adequate hands-on experience at an individual level. Our programs offer introductory training in wildlife conservation and medicine. Because we are situated in the heart of the South African bush, we are qualified and able to work on a vast amount of species including leopards, lions, eland, elephants and everything in-between! Course content and activities include many of the following but vary and depend greatly on emergency outcalls as well as scheduled operations.

  1. BulletLion and Leopard Tacking and Monitoring

  2. BulletWildlife Translocation

  3. BulletAnesthetic reversals

  4. BulletWound treatment

  5. BulletGeneral Herd Health Assessment

  6. BulletRifle darting training from helicopters

  7. BulletTransportation to various operations by helicopter

  8. BulletLivingstone trials excursion to Kapama endangered species centre

  9. BulletMaholoholo game rehabilitation centre visit

  10. BulletKruger National park excursion

  11. BulletThankerton Game Reserve tour, inspection, parasite egg count and assessment

  12. BulletRhino Microchipping

  13. BulletGeneral Anesthesia

  14. BulletCapture Techniques

  15. BulletNecropsy Methods

During your stay with SA Worldvets you will receive Lectures on the following topics:

  1. BulletPharmacology

  2. BulletChemical Immobilization

  3. BulletCapture Techniques

  4. BulletRifle darting

  5. BulletPathology

  6. BulletGeneral conservation in South Africa