Established in 2012, The SAWorldVets team has worked with students from various countries for the last eight years. This is a 14 day program designed to offer Veterinarians, Pre- Vets , Vetnurses and students knowledge and hands on experience in Wildlife Veterinary work in South Africa, Limpopo.

At SA WorldVets, we offer you the opportunity to expand your knowledge in wildlife medicine while assisting us at the forefront of our fight for conservation. Regardless of background or experience, we welcome all veterinarians, veterinary students, conservationists, technicians, biologists, wildlife volunteers, and any animal enthusiasts ready and willing to have a South African wildlife adventure.

We specify no requirements for qualifications or past experience, we do ask however for a passionate love of wildlife and nature and an enthusiastic commitment about participating in one of our conservation projects.  

SA WorldVets was created and is partnered by two of South Africa’s largest wildlife specialty companies, BGH Wildlife Helicopters and African Veterinary Company. Our program offers many day to day opportunities, ranging from mass captures and chemical immobilization, to darting from one of our very own helicopters.  SA Worldvets offers the highest standard in Wildlife Conservation Courses in Africa.

Here at SA WorldVets we grant you an opportunity worth a thousand words, memories for a lifetime, and an experience that will be priceless to your profession or animal oriented field.

Mission statement

SA WorldVets strives to provide each individual who walks through our doors with unparalleled knowledge and experience in South African wildlife conservation medicine.

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